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The Hong Leong group is considered one of the biggest private conglomerates in South and South-East Asia’s private sector. It is considered a global conglomerate with operations spanning across 4 continents; Asia, Australia, North America and Europe. The group has a strong global presence in 5 business fields; property, hotels, financial services, trading and industrial activities and even online business. The group’s assets are estimated to be worthmore than 20 billion dollars, and it employs more than 45,000 thousand people in its companies worldwide.

Hong Leong Group

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The group was founded in Singapore 1941 by Kwek Hong Png. It stems from humble beginnings as a simple shop that was located on Beach Road at the time.
In 1948, Hong Leong Company Private Limited was established as a construction material and rubber supplier, whose remnants can still be seen today in the group’s strong cement businsess. Over the years, the group steadily expanded into new industries such as property development, hotel management, financial services and industry.
The results of this gradual expansion and hard work can be seen today in the group’s global scale of operations that encompasses more than 500 different companies within its control. 10 of the 500 companies within the group are listed on stock exchanges around the world and employ tens of thousands of workers.
The continuous diversification of company activities resulted in a strong presence in a wide range of industries from property development and hotel management to financial services, industrial manufacturing and packaging.

Hospitality management
The group has extensive involvement in the hospitality industry through its hotel management company Millennium and Copthorne Hotels, which is listed in the London stock exchange and is considered the largest international hotel group in Singapore. Through Millennium and Copthorne Hotels, the group owns more than 110 hotels with almost 30,000 rooms across 18 countries.

Financial services
Another field where the group has extensive involvement is the financial service industry. The group owns Hong Leong Finance Limited, which is the largest financial services provider in Singapore and a leader in providing innovative financial products to the common citizen.

Industrial activities
Most of the group’s industrial investments are located in the Chinese market through another daughter company which is listed in the Singapore stock exchange. It controls several businesses with varying interests, such as manufacturing and distribution, to capitalize on China’s rising market.
The group also maintains a charity foundation as its dedicated platform for corporate social responsibility.

Property development is the most prominent activity by the group; the group has a long career under its belt and a solid reputation as a reliable and trustworthy property developer. The group owns several companies which specialize in property development in Singapore and overseas, and it is considered a strong force within the real estate market.

City Developments Limited is one of the group’s property development companies. It was established in 1963 and has now expanded into an international property investment and hotel management conglomerate of its own with more than 300 companies under its ownership, 5 of which are listed on foreign stock exchanges.

Another property development company within the group is Hong Leong Holdings Limited. HLDL was established 1968 and has become another key player in the real estate market alongside CDL. HLDL was established to become the group’s private real estate investment channel. HLDL boasts a long and impressive track record with completing more than 50 residential projects and managing 12 commercial projects successfully.

CDL and HLDL together make the group the largest residential real estate developer in Singapore. Also with their shared properties the group becomes the biggest commercial property owner in Singapore’s central business district.

The group is considered a very influential player in Singapore’s property market because of its large market share and long history, and it is also one of the most companies affected by real estate market conditions.

Following recent cooling measures imposed on the Singaporean real estate market, the group’s executive chairman expressed the group’s concern over the negative side effects of these cooling measures to the Singaporean government. The chairman urged the government to reexamine these cooling measures and make suitable amendments to overcome negative side effects and retain Singapore’s status as a prime investment destination.

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